Happy New Year

We are back at work, filming, which was something to a shock to the system after a lengthy Christmas break, but yes we are filming away, until April at least, and after that I’m not quite sure. I’m hoping some teaching will come along, especially in interesting places like Venice, but above all I need to get a new film going. Of course I would love to get one of my feature scripts going, but there’s one I have been involved with for nearly four years and I’m not sure we are any nearer going into production than we were four years ago. Of course I’m worried about the time left as these things just take so long. and short films, well I have a few I’d like to get going, but, put frankly, how the hell does one get a short film made these days. The climate is so different, but films do get made, somehow.

I’d love to do some more theatre, and do some cross over work. Basically, I just want to keep working, doing creative stuff that I can contribute to. The last thing I want to do is be an old duffer forever talking about how things were in days gone by. I’ve still got a lot to give.

I’d love to do a new book, but it would be something quite different, a look at the wider scheme of things. There are some great books about animation, but animation is not in it’s own bubble. I find it hard to talk about animation and not bring in acting, theatre, ballet, opera, plays, film and so on….this seems to alarm editors.

Anyway here’s to go a good new year, and one to which I can significantly contribute.

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