Full on

Away from work it has been a pretty full on week, with visits to both the dentist and the doctor for the regular check ups. All good there at the moment.

Then on Monday I lead a tour of the Garrick. In pro theatre you may get 45 minutes to just select areas, but here the 17 new members got to have access all areas over well over two hours, and everyone working away on stage and backstage was very helpful. I think I did my bit to sell the theatre which was satisfying.

I also took some of our cast from two years ago to see the current tour of Kneehigh’s Brief Encounter. I was a little nervous as this is such a joyously inventive and athletic production, and we did not have their musical, choreographic resources, let alone the brilliant and deceptively simple use of projections. But I think we had a clearer concept, of the ghosts of the cinema living out Laura’s story around her. We certainly acknowledged our roots in this iconic production, and just watching it again brought back the joy of putting the show on.

Heck, I need to be creative again, darn soon. There is simply nothing like putting a show together.

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