The Man Himself

The snow and cold winds nearly put paid to much work this week. certainly it is hard to be animating with blue hands.

I had a big workshop to do at a university, which involved a bit of an epic journey, and the night before as cars were sliding everywhere and trains were cancelled I had little enthusiasm and much concern about going, but actually I made it relatively easily. I went by train and I’m glad I did.

As usual I get sad that resources are so limited and we have to work with puppets that are not complete or can’t stand up, but, but, but in spite of all that, or perhaps despite all that, we managed to progress from some pretty ropy stuff so some most impressive animation. The students all worked hard and chatted away, and we got somewhere.

The journey home as less easy and alcohol on the train, even that early in the evening, was rife. But I’m glad I did not back out as I think I made a small difference.

My small film about Tchaikovsky has led, this week, to a direct connect with the man himself. I won’t go into it here but a direct descendant of someone hugely significant in his life wrote to me having seen my film, and loved it, and we have been chatting away all week. To have a direct link to the man is extraordinary.

As it happens I went to see Sleeping Beauty this week. Tchaikovsky seems to be reaching out.

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