40 years on

And so my involvement with the recent series ended with a bit of a whimper, fading out. I’m always happy, well I am most happy when I am working, but this has been an odd experience for most of us, simply as our contribution has been a bit limited.

Anyway I’m not sure what next, and I do panic as the year stretches out in front of me and all I can see in tumbleweed slowly travelling through frame! I’m open to all manner of things, but preferably Manchester based, as I may have a play or two, or maybe none, and I do have Lord Marcus to think of. And he will enjoy me being at home a bit more.

I’d like to do another book, and I talked about it with a publisher last year, but that really is so much effort for little financial reward, and the book I want to do would be unconventional, to say the least.

Barry at Cosgrove Hall
Barry at Cosgrove Hall

So on Monday, with this very odd shadow hanging over us, I wanted to acknowledge that it was forty years since I walked into Cosgrove Hall and started animating on Grandma Bricks of Swallow Street. And my life changed then and there. Animation was never the intention, but a lot of it now makes sense – the joy of artifice and story telling. It has never felt like a job, and there have been very few times when I have not enjoyed myself. It’s the people that often make a job exciting, and then less exciting as a result of people who really are ill prepared or perhaps don’t have the necessary passion. I’ve met a few of those over the years, just as I have met some truly inspirational people – mainly through events and things I have found myself at. I still don’t think I have scratched my potential, and I am sad for the chances I talked myself out of, or that passed me by.

Still we had a rather spectacular cake for my anniversary. I also did a voice over for some students this week which was great fun. The script was a two hander, and I had assumed the part of a pompous faded sit com actor being arrogant and being brought down to earth was the part I was playing. No, I was a more sinister character, and I loved doing it. I hope the students can pull all the different takes together.

An odd week where there should have been much celebration but we’ve all felt a little worn down.