This was a new play written by one of our Garrick members, Laura Crow, and put on as an independent production in our studio, and it is rather splendid. a group of disparate characters trying to put on the patriotic Henry V during World War II and finding that patriotism waning somewhat, with a second act detailing the fall out, a few years later, of a dreadful event. Funny, sad and very moving, with some killer lines. This is going up to Edinburgh, well just the Henry V act, so you can catch it there. I’m full of admiration for the group for forming a company and putting it on. I feel I have so many ideas at the moment, but if there was only the hint of the merest of fees, I know I would be able to focus, but so many people are dangling projects in front of me, but without a fee. A plain fact of life that a fee guarantees commitment and hard work, and respect. Please don’t give me the ‘when we make it you’ll get paid’, or’ it will look good on your CV’ nonsense, Most of the established jobs pages are tempting you with exciting projects, but no fee. This is simply disgraceful. And I have witnessed several times at first hand, examples of where lack of planning have led to huge wastes of money. Heck, it winds you up. But well done for this small company on writing, producing and earning a fee from this play. A great programme too and superb publicity.

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