Jurassic world

Well we do seem to have come a long way from Wilis O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen, but without them…….

Jurassic world is certainly impressive with wet dinosaurs emerging out of smoke and so seamlessly integrated into hand held camera work, and causing such physical mayhem – I can’t imagine the preparation needed, and perhaps the rather soulless experience on set with actors staring for ever at green screens or ping pong balls on the ends of sticks – actually I can imagine that precisely as my last year has been all about that. An odd film though…..perhaps there are several films all crammed into this piece that ticks all the boxes and dares to allow us some empathy for certain dinosaurs – the suffocating bronto choked me up I will admit. I’m just not sure it all hangs together, but does it need to when you have eating and chasing and screaming. Jeff Goldblum must have thought Christmas had arrived early. Was that one days’ work?

Yep, I’ve always said that if you want to check out the state of special effects, look at the latest dinosaur movie. Any new advancement and the dinos will be first in the queue.