War Horse and Crooners

June 23rd 2018

As the lack of prospects and the lack of funds throw me towards an abyss very soon, I need the escape that theatre provides. I have had to cancel a fair few tickets that I had booked in advance, and indeed, I had booked for War horse probably a year ago, and secured front row seats, but, heck, could I get anyone interested, and that was the whole point, to introduce someone new to Joey and Topthorne, but I was not to be, and I was ready to waste the tickets but gave them to a colleague and his daughter – a job well done, as they were both enraptured by the whole show. I got so excited at them seeing it that I couldn’t resist sneaking to a matinee…..not the seat I could have had but ok, and the schools parties nearly had me ready to be all sniffy, but full marks to the boy a few along from me who was in floods of tears in front of all his mates. I think this time, being by myself, I concentrated on every aspect of it, and boy does it deliver. we’ve lost some of the spectacle since the early days but it is simply a masterpiece of artifice, and demonstrates that element so few things can do,; something transcends the physical aspect of the actors and the bamboo puppets to move and to linger. Some real connection that you take away – you feel you have been inside the psyche of the characters and the horses and in the war. You have contributed to the story, surrendered to it, and it affects you. And it certainly did.

My next escape from reality was over to New brighton, that was suitably rather pleasant on a hot sunny day, with a theatre right on the sea. I was there to see a chum, Roman, in his piece, Crooners. I had tea with him and then saw the show, front row, and of course I became the butt of many a running joke, and most happy for that. But what a show, so many classic crooner songs, such as Beyond the sea, Mack the knife, Mister Bojangles, all done beautifully, but all laced with outrageous sassy humour. A very sexy show, and beautifully inventive with some inspired cheesy gags. I loved it and loved meeting the gents afterwards. Again, some joy lingered and I was lifted from the impending doom. I might just see them again to get my fix..

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