july 29th 2018

Absolutely nothing to write about work, as there is absolutely nothing at the moment, and though there has been dazzling sunshine all these weeks, the shadows that being out of work causes are immense.
But we are four rehearsals into Playhouse Creatures and we are nearly at the end of act One. happily the ladies are nearly off the book and are giving it everything. It won’t be a calm evening, that’s for sure. among all the bluster I have to make sure there’s tenderness and beauty. My rather odd approach to the play seems to be working – well if we were on the big stage we could throw all manner of resources at this piece and an endless parade of costumes, but we are in the studio and can’t, so I am showing the mechanics of the pieces loud and proud. And it’s rather good so far. All of us are wishing that this was our real job, and that there was a fee. After Friday’s rehearsal we had a night on the turret. I had promised the blood moon and an appearance by the space station – the weather denied both, but it was a good bonding evening.

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