August 25th 2018

well yes, guess what, no work to really talk about, and I lost a few days by simply just having had enough. Like a grande dame I retired to my bed and switched off – sometimes the struggle to keep motivated is too much.
No work, but I have been rehearsing Playhouse Creatures and we are shortly about to open with it. My world is upside down as for this production I have done so much homework, months of it, to get this right, and even if we are sold out for all six performances, we will only play to just less than 300. Hopefully that 300 will enjoy it, as it’s a mighty fine production, full of metaphor and tingly moments. The theatre is a bit in two minds as this studio space is meant to have no resources used. I’ve just here and given a big, but economic production in a small space. It looks gorgeous – my worry now is pulling at the technical stuff together in the short time we have left. it’s certainly a very different approach than those i’ve seen on the net. I can’t tell you how much satisfaction and frustration this set up gives me, but we are nearly there.

No culture at all, other than taking a few friends to see Crooners again. Getting to know these gents over the summer has given me much joy.