Agatha Christie’s Verdict

The first play on the main stage at the Garrick, this season, and it certainly looked great, with dark and autumnal colours and a lot of books; very atmospheric and if the lighting was a bit too theatrical, changing dramatically for, well, dramatic moments, given the literal setting, and the music as a bit of a sledge hammer. it did deliver in the end. Act One was a bit of a slog with everyone talking in motive speeches, but act two had a twist to the usual formula. A few characters were unnecessary. I’m in two minds about Christie. I love the mechanics of the plots and the twisted motivations, but I always feel let down as the films and plays and books should not really be labelled as thrillers, as they don’t thrill, as in an exciting breathless way, but they do get you thinking – though, does she ever actually tell you or show you enough to work out whodunnit.

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