Early Doors

In this very challenging year my cultural trips have had to depend on the kindness of others (Karma, I hope that’s you), and thus earlier this week I found myself at the stage production of the TV sitcom Early doors. I only discovered the TV series by accident and loved it, but it never really screamed that it needed a stage version, but still the idea of seeing most of the original cast was enough to peak my interest. Ha, it was chuffing brilliant. A gloriously clever and detailed set – a complete pub and living quarters on stage. but gag after gag hit home, with so much laughter that the cast struggled at times. We were competing with some significant football matches and the cast cleverly found ways to keep themselves and the audience up to date – so much so that one actor totally forgot where we was in the scene- of course the audience roared its’ approval. It is a game, a play after all – all my talks this year have been about the awareness of the artifice. and this is all part of that. So all in all, this was an unexpectedly enjoyable, and moving evening, finishing with a very clever song that gave everyone a moment. This production is moving on to an arena tour which must be odd, as presumably they will have big screens, and hey we are back to watching it on TV.
Back to reality now – how ghastly, It really is.

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