The most frustrating day ever. I was expecting to be heading off on a big trip to the other side of the world, and was apprehensive and excited at the same time, but sudden silence seems to have squashed that one. I do like to know what’s happening, and with this I don’t. still I went to the bank to see if I could extend my overdraft, and after pleas to try to talk to a manager of sorts, all I got was an assistant tapping away on a computer asking such impossible questions as ‘what are you earning next year?’. The computer still said no. basically no human interaction or consideration was actually involved. Likewise I was filling in the form for Universal credit, and again there were boxes that I could not fill in or were not relevant. I was screaming at the computer that ‘my life is not like that’ no-one’s life is black and white, and there’s no chance to explain things. So frustrating. I looked at a job application at the local council and again was defeated by the jargon. I’ve wasted so much time on these forms today, all being a feat in themselves, but really it would be so much easier to actually talk to someone who could help in real terms. I felt sorry for the cluster of ladies in the bank who really all they do is point you to the computer. Heavens, the computer oes let us achieve many things, when we want to, but it’s made life colder. Sometimes a face and a voice that is able to reason would be so useful. All a bit humiliating, this out of work and no prospects and no money thing

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