The Comedy about a bank Robbery

Mischief Theatre company have certainly won me round, especially with their live shows that are now heading all round the world. It’s taken me a while to see this production, and I could only do it thanks to the generosity of my Playhouse Creatures cast. in a way it was almost too funny and too clever, as I didn’t find myself laughing out loud, mainly as I didn’t want to miss anything. such clever routines (ah, the magic number three in full force here), and stunning physical gags. An extended sequence with a folding out bed was joyous, as was the sudden change of perspective of the office. Split second timing and sheer bonkers gags. the play in the middle of this mayhem is surprisingly complex and thought through. All in all, an utter joy. I suspect it will be a long time before amateurs will get their hands on these shows. So much could go wrong. Full marks to an igneous set and great singing too. Gorgeous to look at. Just go.

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