Animarkt, Lodz

October 15th 2018
Just back from a great few days in sunny, clean Lodz, in Poland. a long journey there and back, but a lovely city and a great festival. I missed the first part which was a few days of pitching. It’s ages since I have actually pitched a film…not sure how I would get on these days, but I did three talks. One a retrospective, one a chat and screening about Twirlywoos (with polish voices), and the final one about what is animation, art, and other such larger questions. I chatted away for two hours, and still had much more to say. The audience of professionals seemed to enjoy it, and I think I made sense. But there was more to say. I had a great time chatting to lots of fellow animators, and it’s satisfying but frustrating to have the work so appreciated when the prospect of getting work is so bleak. even more frustrating for people to say ‘why don’t I do a feature film!’. I finally got to watch Isle of Dogs, and it is epic and remarkable and astonishing – cold and precise but astonishing. so beautiful. I did see some other good films – an equally epic labour of love, Laika. But this whole festival lark is odd, as it is hard work in terms of preparation, and being on show, and talking so much, and it does feel like a job, but sadly this is not our real life or our paying job. That is much bleaker. A quick unpack, and the pack again as it is venice tomorrow.

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