The last two weeks

October 26th 2018
The last two weeks have indeed been crazy and rather surreal, and whilst I have had great fun and met some inspirational people, I’d be quite happy not to see an airport for a while, especially the obnoxious images of Julia Roberts advertising some pink smell. But two Thursdays ago I left for Poland, via Brussels, then to Warsaw then car to Lodz. Three nights there then home for 36 hours then off to Venice for two nights, then home for 36 hours again, and then overnight to Paris. Along with that travelling and six talks, was a panel in Manchester, and a longs days teaching session at Edge hill, and I squeezed in two plays. It’s almost like working, except without the pay. Also I saw many animated films, both exceptional, and some rather gaudy and brash, and I watched my own films way too many times – but actually they still work and get an amazing response. I’ve had some breathtakingly kind comments about how the films have touched people, and how insightful were my talks, but I confess, after these two weeks I doubt I am actually nearer to getting work. it has happened, what I have most feared, and that is that I have become an old codger going round endlessly talking about days and techniques and films that no longer matter Talking rather than doing. An observer rather than a participant. and that’s mighty tough. But heck talking to interesting and interested students in venice is not hard. I did at least have a day to myself there and did what I enjoy – wandering. I did not even see the Eifel tower in Paris, though I rather loved the venue, a theatre dedicated to puppets. There are jobs around at universities, but do I want to lock myself away there for two years – actually I doubt I would get any jobs as whilst I teach around the world, I do not have any qualifications and such boxes must be ticked.
The two plays were A view from the Bridge at the Garrick, and it was certainly the best production I have seen there for a long long long time. Excellent, and tense. And the other was another production of our Playhouse Creatures. A few rather too similar ideas, but with more costumes. It looked good but i’m not sure they tapped into the theatricality or the depth of the play itself.

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