Halloween ghost train

November 1st 2018
Yep, sat on a haunted ghost train, steaming out of bury into some very dark countryside, I watched several of the points I have been making in all my talks, in action. Firstly, that a mask does not conceal but reveal, or release certainly. Being only loosely hidden by a mask and people certainly behaved as they would never in public. I for one. I had a skull mask, with no eyes and just lurked rather closely to people, totally scaring them. I’d never have done that normally. And it was so easy. Secondly, a static, artificial face is no barrier to expressions. You really don’t need over literal facial expressions to get something across. A tilt of the head, or a good piece of timing are just as effective. Yep, the joy of artifice, and the device to allow the reality to come out. That’s been my talks for a good year or two – and here it was in action.

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