December 15th

Had a very lazy sunday after Cuba and the Swans, and fought off the usual depression after the swans. But I was, and wait for it, straight into a short film for the sale waterside. A two minute one take with a few rough and ready in camera effects, and shooting all that footage in three and a half days was pressured, but I loved being in a studio again, with a small team. I shall look forward to the results, but that was a fun few days.
Otherwise it has been endlessly chasing up fees from Universities that all seem to have an unspoken game of how long can we leave it before we pay anyone – if they have not submerged in a sea of paperwork before that. Something is wrong when it takes so long to pay.
Yep I saw the Swans, and I also had a freebie for Nutcracker with Birmingham royal ballet. In the course of the afternoon I sat with ballet legends past, present and future, and all of them lovely. It is a great production, the best I think, certainly very lavish, though some of drosselmeyer’s close up magic is wasted, and I’m not sure the Prince’s plot makes much sense, and poor Clara gets a raw deal in the second Act, and what happens to fritz who was so in love with Clara…he gets dumped pretty quickly.
I also caught The Female of the species at the Garrick which was very entertaining, and I’ve been enjoying many of the awards screeners. Bohemian Rhapsody was good if slightly sanitised and missing Flash Gordon and Barcelona. I caught mary Poppins and it was everything it should be, and a thrilling if confusing cameo at 1.05. The film takes the same elements and give them a twist but much the same ideas, and great for that too. Widows was so tense but I feared for the welfare of the dog. Looking forward to Stan and Ollie tonight. So pleased about these screeners, as they may be my last as I can’t afford the membership fees of the Academy at the moment. Not until some universities decide to pay my fees. ah the pitfalls of being freelance.

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