December 27th

Our Christmas was rather glorious, especially for being slightly ahead of Christmas, due to choreographing the movements of our truly gorgeous new addition to the family, my great niece, Esme. We all agreed being calm and sated whilst everyone else was running round crazily was the way to do it.
I have spent most of my energies chasing up monies owing, and getting nowhere, and universities and councils are now shut for a lengthy period. Gee thanks. Some have even lost track of my fees. So annoying and so crippling.
As a family we watched Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born, which pleased us all. The third film, Black Panther, left us cold. Oh yes, it’s an important film, but I’m afraid CG is killing too many films, and too many magic clothes and magic elements do not make satisfying plot elements. I was bored witless by seeing another CG figure flung about. I’m afraid I yearn for the good old practical stunts and sets. if you take away the natural physics of a performance, it’s simply not involving or as impressive, despite the technological wizardry

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