February 6th

Well all very quiet on the animation front, but the series that I was involved with last year, Moon and Me, is now airing on Cbeebies, and looks absolutely beautiful, and the technology behind it all is astonishing. Without giving away too much, moon Baby and the other characters were physically separated by the atlantic ocean, and a lot of green screen was involved. That that isn’t noticed is testament to a lot of hard work. For a series about bedtime stories I think the gentle, very gentle pacing will rock youngsters to sleep quite easily.
I had a week at BAU in Barcelona, with sixteen would be animation students, and I enjoyed this group. everyone a different nationality but all more or less speaking English, and all there for very different reasons. i’d like more time with them, and I’d like them not to have to share a work station, as really, you can’t work in cramped spaces together. We all went out for something to eat, and suddenly the games I used to play all the time came back and much hilarity ensued.
I had an anxious journey home, not just for the weather but for a meeting I had to be at. fortunately I made it and hopefully seeds were planted.
Rehearsals for Bronte have started and i’m happy to be back in the theatre with all the resources we have, and a great cast, with a substantial complex and very moving play. I’m enjoying this, and struggling a bit with the rehearsals of Rigoletto as we’ve not had a full company yet – that does make blocking a scene hugely difficult.
I saw the magnificent and clever The Producers at the royal exchange, and the Garrick did a great production of A murder has been arranged, which is probably the clumsiest and silliest play ever written.

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