catching up

Heck, that’s a good few weeks since I logged in an I’d like to pretend it’s because I have been working hard – well, I have but all on unpaid projects, ad on these I am spending more time than a daily job. The amount of effort I have put in to our production of Bronte has been extraordinary. Tonight the cast are let loos onto my set, which I hope they will find to be liberating. And what a good cast they are, and they are exactly as I imagined the Brontes to be. We did go over to Haworth, for a splendid da, and I not only came away more informed and moved but I came away with a splendid tweed jacket. I think the show is going to be rather exciting, but we could do with selling more tickets. I’m also working on the stage production but the traditional working methods of amateur opera is almost defeating me. I’d rather a strong intense short bursts, where the production becomes an event. here rehearsals are a week apart and it is hard to maintain and remember everything. But oh my they can sing.
So there’s not much work around up here at all. I’ve done a couple of days teaching in Preston and Cardiff, and did a voice over for a student film, but long term it’s rather bleak for us all.
Our last series, Moon and me, is now on air and is soothing children everywhere.
And culture wise, well I saw People at the Garrick, with its controversial porn in a stately home scene, and I saw an adult circus where the hideously behaved audience drove me away at the interval, and I saw the stage version of twirlywoos which managed t get all the signature moments in with some invention.
And hat was February.

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