Catching up

I’ve lost track of things as it certainly has been a busy few weeks. There was a very quick bit of acting – a gruesome story in the most beautiful country cottage. Eating of a baby was involved. a student film which could have benefitted from a bit more preparation and storyboards and such, but it was a good long day. A rather excellent production of Things I know to be true – again very straightforward, where a bit more imagination could have helped. A brilliant production of west Side story at the Royal exchange, which imagination in spades. Way too many deadly dull meetings for various Garrick things. I came to the rescue of a sixth forms’ Romeo and Juliet, but too late, as the project was terminally wounded, Shame as I would have liked to have got my teeth into that. Then a very flattering exhibition up at the University of Teesside. A hundred or so images and they look stunning, but again if I had asked a few more questions about it and it’s purpose I might have done things differently or been more prepared. And yes, I have applied for jobs for which I would be most suitable, and no, not even an acknowledgement, which is beyond mean and unprofessional.