Dance and despair

Two dance pieces this week – the first was matthew bourne’s swift inventive take on Romeo and Juliet. In and out within two hours and drained by the end. Interestingly set in an asylum, and everything arose from that setting. Some stunning inventive corps scenes, and the sheer spectacle was sensational. the ending seemed a bit clumsy as everyone came away thinking that Juliet had suddenly stabbed Romeo – not quite. I think she was aiming for the ghost of the Tybalt character, but this crucial moment was a bit clumsy. But heck a fresh take indeed. Then this afternoon I was at the June Rendell academy of dance’s show – nearly three hours and probably about forty numbers, maybe a dozen too many. The Handmaid’s tale and westworld in dance for children….not sure about that, but what was impressive was the sheer marshalling of over two hundred kids, and all their costume changes. faultless and a real achievement. A lot of excellent dancing but too much lack of focus – a lot of heads looking round anticipating what should be happening next.
And the despair – who does one have to xxxx to get a commission these days. Are there actually any films being made? apparently as Annecy has just been and gone.
I was reunited with mr Toad this week – oh my.

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