Midsummer week

well I did a voice over for a one minute film which was quite fun. Have a listen

I might get to do a talk for that local film society. I really should get myself a video camera. Certainly not short of ideas.
another week where I applied for a job that had my name all over it, but not even an interview. Do any companies actually hold interviews any more? Or is it all done digitally and by remote. Shame as you learn so much about attitude face to face. Is there any point in keeping applying for jobs?
So there’s very little sight of any future work but my past came back with a vengeance this week, confusing me as it was a reminder that I can do this, in spite of all the obstacles at the moment. Anyway after the exhibition in Liverpool of the Wind in the Willows puppets, they went missing for thirty years, and recently turned up when a potential auction was prevented, and after much tussling and sweet talking, the puppets have returned to the northwest and are to be homed at the Waterside in sale, where the rest of the archives are held. And as a result I have done about six press and radio pieces about the puppets. I hope I gave the impression that it was not just me and that I managed to acknowledge everyone else involved. it was a joy to hold Toad again, and wherever I went this week he was met with such love and affection. But holding him, he was a remarkably simple puppet and yet we managed to get a lot of emotion out of him. Maybe that’s a lesson to be learnt. Oh to revisit the willows.
More dance this week, and not just any dance but a significant end to a significant era. Last night Birmingham Royal Ballet gave their last performance in the hippodrome under the direction of David bintley (well that’s a little cheat as they have a week in London). he chose Hobson’s Choice as a send off, and it really has everything, from folk dancing, to comedy, to pathos and the odd dancing animal, and replete with utter charm and warmth. Frankly, it’s perfection, and I was happy to be there as david took his final bow, looking truly speechless.
Dance, and especially David’s work, has given me more pleasure than any other living artist…..though perhaps Mr Sondheim might argue about this. A different pleasure there. Thank you David, for so much.

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