Odd couple of weeks

Yep distinctly odd. A lot of talking about the past and radio interviews about the return of the Wind in the Willows puppets to Manchester, and indeed it was lovely to see them. Also much talking about the Lip Synch series of short films, which are now thirty years old. A magazine wanted to do a lengthy piece about their significance. I felt very much the cuckoo in the nest whilst down at the aards. the others have all gone to features and such, and I’ve floundered, but my contribution to the series, next, still seems to work, and has not aged. I felt a bit like the fifth Beatle. All this talk about the past would be great if there was an equal talk about the future. My 64th birthday came and went with few trumpets – sadly my third consecutive birthday of being out of work. I did things for the birthday when working but it seems rather pointless when things are a bit tough.
I did see a local production of Jeeves and Wooster, the play that I am directing next February. It worried me as this production fell very flat. It didn’t have much energy or invention and one of the main performances crossed the line from charming to irritation. I won’t copy any ideas but I will make sure that we have charm and invention in spades. And I’ll make sure we don’t swallow those glorious names.
And an epic funeral down at the Garrick, giving a good friend a great send off.
So all human life these last two weeks – a bit of animated life would help things.

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