yikes – how could I forget that I actually had two days work, and two days rather fun if not a little extraordinary work. Along with Gripper, and two other in Birmingham, we were demonstrating a new stop motion app on the Note 10 phone in the O2 shop. The idea was to let customers customize a puppet with various accessories and we would animate a scene – animating blind as it happens, with no monitor or counter (all those modern luxuries) and a full speed with a shop full of giddy people – it being Pride as well. All the circumstances that are not perfect for animating but as it happens it was great fun. There were plenty of colourful characters using the shop as a respite, but I have a feeling that it was not just pride that got the various staff members loosened up over the two days. Having two animators around brought a bit of eccentric colour. I’d love to do more of this and was very grateful for the chance to do something so different.

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