October 25th

I’ve been battling technology somewhat these last two weeks. My producer and I are writing a script, but between Celtx, Final draft, Word and PDF we’ve still not really managed to swap our ideas easily. Things are so overly complicated and don’t match formats.
After getting back from Poland I raced, well not raced as the journey took me five hours, down to the NFTS. Lovely to be back there and there are some exciting films in production, though they all seem to be shooting in airless cupboards. And I was at edge Hill the next day for a good informal session. Whether I burst in so full of energy and ideas, but students these days seem rather shy and quiet.
We’ve started rehearsing for the play about the Carry On’s and I’m designing, no surprises there, a none too conventional set, but it should be striking. I’m still waging a losing battle about set design. On our stage at the moment is a monumental but traditional set for a play, and it stands there resolutely making no comments about the play, nor being anything other than literal.
I was at a lovely wedding reception on Saturday and rather threw myself wholeheartedly into the country dancing – so much so that the caller asked me if I’d like to join their Jane Austen dance group. I’d love to but little time at the moment.
We had a good screening in the theatre of Lady Windermere’s fan – much pith and with and rather moving. we showed my G&S film which I guess is the most unloved of my films, but actually I will stand up for it. it certainly has a clever script.
And I did go and see The exorcist on stage. Again very literal and fragmented as a result, and woefully underpowered, but they managed the 360degree head spin which was hugely impressive.

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