Cleo and Dick

well we had the Manchester Animation Festival last week, and being involved, and how, with the play I couldn’t really attend other than the awards. And truth to tell I felt a little uncomfortable as my contribution to the world of animation and Manchester animation has this year been insignificant. But the awards were slick, unlike the little hiccup we had last year. But great enthusiastic crowds, and it si comforting to know that, somehow, films are still being made. I’ve no idea how, but there they are. That’s a particularly pertinent thought this week as the Aardman lIp synch series was first broadcast thirty years ago. Whilst it was not exactly easy to make films then, there was certainly a possibility, and the commissioners listened to you, and helped you develop stuff. I’m still fond of Next, and I would so love to restore it. It still works as it did and certainly has not aged. Sadly, many of the crew have gone.
It’s all been full on at the Garrick with the production of Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick. We open on Monday and I think we are in good shape. it’s a good looking show – we just need a good audience. What I have done with the set is pretty bold. The stage is stripped right back with all the wing space on view. And what a huge space we have. Tonight we have the screening of 42nd street which I’m introducing. a packed house tonight, and we did pretty well for Romeo and Juliet ten days ago.
Am learning two speeches for the wedding in two weeks, where I am the best man.
Busy times – oh I did go up to UCLAN and had a rather quiet group of students, but hopefully they got something from the session.

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