November 9th

All over the place. I had a very brief trip back down to Falmouth which was great fun, but the travelling was less so. everything that could go wrong with the travelling did, and whilst I was rewarded with a lovely hotel, I was only in it for a few hours. but I do love Cornwall and this school – just getting there is a real pain. And a talk for a local grammar school, with a wonderful set of pupils who were there out of choice, and were very intelligent. Perhaps potty mouth purves should not have described Lady Macbeth as a bitch. A more in depth psychological description would have inevitably come to the same conclusion though.
I’ve done a couple of evenings filming as a corrupt judge for a music video. Well I went for it, encouraged by the director, and many lines were crossed. I wonder if a more controlled performance might have been more effective. We’ll see. So a corrupt judge and a baby eating grandfather earlier this year…….what image do I give off?
Nearly every day down at the Garrick, painting the set for the play about the carry On films, and other activities with my other hats on. So many hats, so much time.
I saw Mame at hope mIll. A lively precise production of not a great musical. Not too fond of the jerry Herman shows. But I did take a friend to see the Royal ballet, in the cinema at least, to see Enigma Variations and it was devastating. The Nimrod variation with its’ almost stillness whilst the orchestra was surging away is heartbreaking. I must remember that for my next class.
The Manchester Animation festival is lurking and I’ll only be there for the Awards do. i’m a bit apprehensive about this as I am so on the fringes of the animation world at the moment – though we did submit our short film script to the BFI this week. A long wait for the inevitable rejection for not being woke enough……I hate that word.

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