au revoir

And so we’ve gone – not a wise decision I suspect, and the smugness of those Brexiteers is unbearable. The Britain they imagine will come rushing in has long gone.
Not a sniff of work to be had at the moment, but I did so thoroughly enjoy Personal History of David Copperfield this week. I was beaming within seconds of the film starting. beautifully directed with some lovely narrative tricks and gorgeous performances of people being eccentric without being irritating. I went straight for a swim and told a friend that I was giddy after the new David Copperfield film – oh, my friend replied, is he making films now? Needless to say that friend voted to leave.
So busy with the production of Jeeves and Wooster and it is going well. Never enough time to plot detail or get all the technical stuff right, but this will be a lively show certainly.

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