Charlie Chaplin and Garry Essendine

In my few hours away from Jeeves and Wooster I did manage to see a couple of shows, but they still had elements of Jeeves and Wooster. One was a tale of somewhat random events around Charlie Chaplin and his relationship with laurel and Hardy. Performed by three actors and a musician – hmm, that appeared familiar, but here this was treated as a silent film, with some clever use of captions and wonderfully physical stunts, and what really pleased me was that Chaplin was performed by a gloriously agile actress who had captured him perfectly, and Laurel was performed by an equally agile black actor, and hey fellas, it does not matter. It’s a game. Literal eyebrows were raised. Oh for heaven’s sake. Joyously inventive.
The second outing was an encore screening of Andrew Scott as Garry Essendine in the old Vic’s sexed up Present Laughter. Against I sat there beaming with pleasure, but Garry kept reminding me of Wooster, in his petulance, his theatricality. This was a gorgeous sassy production.
Talking of which, Jeeves and Wooster are all ready for there tech dress rehearsal tonight and it looks gorgeous. It’s not been easy but is lively, elegantly ridiculous and a bit of a party. Fingers crossed.

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