Jeeves and Wooster

So jeeves and wooster have left the building, after being around for six months in my head. I must post photos but we are already yesterday’s news. It has been deemed a great success, with the audience, the critics, and the box office. There was much laughter and moments of giddiness. Once again I’m reminded that gag have to have a mathematic precision about them to work, and I’m happy that many of the gags that had the biggest laughs were the bits of business we had put in. it looked great and again I am pleased that the directorial decisions that I made, such as all staying in one costume, were successful. To have had the characters adding wigs and dresses as they changed characters in front of us would not have been as funny, and would have slowed down the necessary pace. My actors put so much energy into it, running a marathon essentially and then a big dance number at the end. The show was a joy for me, especially with the addition of the ukulele band, but I confess that soon after signing on, I saw a truly ghastly production that was so irritating, and I almost returned the script, fearing I simply could not make it work. but realising that yes it was about Jeeves and Wooster, but it was about theatre. I was worried that the Play that Goes wrong had gazumped us, but not actually. I think we had a sophisticated frantically paced comedy, and everyone was happy. Next – well, next up is something very different.

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