march 23rd 2020

So as it will have for you, wherever you are, it’s all gone horribly wrong, and at such a ferocious speed. It’s only a few weeks ago that we heard of the Coronavirus, and now here we are in lockdown, with empty shops, people fighting oddly for toilet paper, and now pubs, theatres, gyms open. It’s unbelievably frightening, and we really don’t know what’s going to happen next. we’ve all lost work, or had work stalled, and I guess we can use this time to be creative, but the difficulty is keeping the momentum going when the reality of things getting back to normal for months rather takes the wind out of one’s sails. The alternative, and this is all too easy, is just to give up and let the darkness take over. suddenly, the metaphor of my film Plume is pertinent. I don’t know how we are going to recover from all this. Every day we’ll be lying in bed that bit longer, fretting that much more. We must keep going, but how are all these small businesses and the arts going to recover. We have to recover.
I did use a spare afternoon yesterday to upload some jeeves and Wooster photos and some from Bronte. If we had lost jeeves and Wooster, I would have been heartbroken.

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