catching up

Well it has been extraordinary times and i lost the impetus to keep this going, but herer we are. I’ve been busy running screenings at the garrick Picturehouse. These are the films we’ve screened since July – Pennies from Heaven, Mary Poppins Returns,Far from the madding crowd, Six Degrees of separation, 42nd street, Aladdin, Kinky Boots, Missing Link, The king and I, Time bandits, Riverdance, The beauty and the beast, car Man, Cinema Paradiso, Dirty dancing, David copperfield, Jason and the argonauts, Theatre of blood, Love Never Dies and stan and Ollie, And this afternoon Babe, but no one has booked yet. The family matinees have been the least attended but the friday night sessions doing very well. The Riverdance screening was as good as sold out. People are still reluctant to come out but seem to have a great time, and enjoy the slide shows and introductions i give. It all takes a while to organise. This actually good be a full time job with all the booking and invoices, but I’ve enjoyed seeing some great classics on the big screen, in the dark with great sound and no interruptions. More in the audience would be appreciated but in the scheme of current things……
The family came back from new zealand six months after they headed for the wedding that wasn’t. Worse places to be stranded of course, but i imagine the last few weeks of ‘the flight’s on, get packed’ flight’s off’ was pretty stressful.
and our short film is certainly ready to go. Contracts are being processed slowly, and I am like a greyhound waiting in the slips, poised, ready to spring into action as soon as we get the official go ahead. Suddenly that will be a big gear change, and i will be a whirlwind of actvity. I am of course beyond grateful that in all this we are even talking about doing a short animated film.
No social stuff though i did manage a quick segway through delamere forest, a failed attempt to get out of an escape room, and a spectacular helicopter trip.
Lots of catching up with films and series, and i am unashamedly addicted to the Repair shop and now schitt’s creek.
Right off to the sunny land of Babe.

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