November 8th

Well, it’s out and official. Old chum and partner Glenn h and I finally making another film together, thanks to the generosity and belief of the british film institute. It has been a hard year working on this, being interrupted or at least slowed down by Covid, and still the shadow of that threatens us every day. But to be able to be making a film under these circumstances, especially a short 15 minute film is amazing. There are nine projects who have received funding and another six have received development funding. it’s an interesting film, a mix of live action and animation, so all my planning, well my timing to the frame, will be slightly redundant when i let the performers loose, but that’s exciting having to adapt. It’s a big short film, and i have crammed a lot in without making it too dense. You still won’t be able to blink without missing something though, and I make no apology for that. Watch this space. we start filming on the 7th december, pandemic willing. We have recorded the voices – not quite so straightforward though.
I seem to have come to an end of introducing and planning the films at the garrick, thanks to Covid and management changes. shame.
But i do now have a weekly radio show, playing very mellow classical music, opera, ragtime, ballet and plenty of surprises – the highlight of last week’s show was the last few minutes of Honnegger’s King David. Gorgeous. this is local radio alty, and a complete contrast to the shows either side of mine. Sunday nights at 9.00 Radio Alty. we had listeners from very far afield. Come and join us.

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