december 23rd

Where’s it gone, well I know exactly where it’s gone. The last few weeks were a whirlwind of activity with some pressure thrown in. we did the live action element of our short, and all went well really, but once again I realise that while things are not exactly a compromise, things do evolve. One little delay or alteration has a knock on effect. My films tend to be made of tight fitting jigsaw pieces, and if one is suddenly too big it sends the other pieces off kilter, so there was a lot of thinking on my feet, and looking as if I had all the answers. Well, I did, mostly. Along with the normal intense pressure of filming, throw in covid and things led me to being thoroughly exhausted. Christmas and Covid has put the brakes on the project at the moment, which is an odd feeling. I can’t lose momentum nor think that the filming was the climax of months of work. But it’s all going to look gorgeous, and moody, and raw – a very raw performance of ‘joe’. The crew were sensational and worked hard. the arrival of a dozen gorgeous extras on the last day opened up the intimate film a bit. I want to get playing with the edit now, but will have to wait.

Add to this the weekly radio show, and the possibility of a truly bizarre but exciting potential project in Russia next autumn and things are full on. rather enjoying the radio show. I’m hoping I don’t run out of suitably mellow tunes!

with a change of pace, I’ve been active in changing bulbs, getting a new phone, a new washing machine, and upgrading my very limp broadband. The technician didn’t know one could have such a low figure. My router belonged in a history museum.

Christmas though has defeated me, and usually at this time i should be in irerland. Not this year, which is very sad.

Hoping all of you have a comfortable time, and happy days ahead.

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