Theatre days

December 29th
I had a truly bizarre night, last night, experiencing being being back in my early 20s when i worked in theatre. I felt as if i was reliving it again, living out of a suitcase, and going from theatre to theatre, working in stage management, working out how to create such things as edible dinosaur meat, or how to make falling leaves drop on a tapestry a nun was working on. For cyrano I got that right most nights. The clarity of my memory at 4.00 in the morning was extraordinary- all the adventures, and sights and sounds, and textures are still there, all the various adventures and boarding houses. it was an intense couple of years, and i was never not working, and i loved it all. animation gave me other thrills but nothing compares to working with a good team of actors, getting the show ready, and calling the cues, timing them right with the actors. i wonder what brought this highly detailed memory back….especially when i can’t always remember what i did yesterday.I was remembering doodles I casually made in the prompt copy, and all the music from various shows – actually the delibes Sylvia is playing in the background now, and we used that in the pitlochry Relatively speaking. I don’t think my memory is going but the sharpness of 43 years ago is rather amazing..