I blame the director, myself.

Indeed, I’m so lucky to be making a film in these terrifying times, and under less than ideal circumstances, and with less resources than usual, , but the film is all consuming. I am certainly enjoying it, and I think it will be an interesting film, but oh heck, the nature of doing everything frame by frame means you judge everything frame by frame. a single frame won’t ruin things but I certainly stress over every frame balancing the need to make it perfect with the need to get it made on time. Masks don’t help as everything steams up, and in a day I get up and sit down in the set about three hundred times – like a gym squat each time. But i’m making a film again. and as a manipulate the puppet an extraordinary range of ideas and thoughts rampage through my head – I think I’ve just found the structure for a book I’d like to do. I’ll try and write a bit more about the film, but blame the director for all this angst.

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