almost half way

Yep we are almost half way on the short film, and I think we are doing well. The animated character and the live actress seem to be happily existing in the same space, though of course they are not, and they seem to be relating to each other. The animated character only has black beads for eyes which is a challenge, but hey appear to be looking at each other, though I’m using a bit of a theatrical cheat with the eyelines, but it does thrill me when the puppet reacts to a sudden movement by the live performer. There’s been a lot of listening by the puppet this week – now that’s a hard thing to do – I can’t keep him still but I also can’t keep him moving too much to upstage the performer. Thank goodness for eyes that blink. The puppet is not fixed in one area but he has several little stages of restricted space so much of his acting is coming from arm waving – he could win an award in semaphore! i’m also doing some lengthy sustained shots – again a challenge, and one rogue frame stands out. Likewise, there are some very very subtle shots, with slow fluid movement – again But it’s a joy to be able to do some raw rogue frame stands out like crazy. I’m even fighting my phobia of rigs as well. This is an interesting process as usually I do adapt to a storyboard, suddenly feeling a close up would work there – I can’t do that as the live action is the constant and can’t be adapted. But heck, it’s a joy to be working in all this madness.

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